Thursday, 14 January 2010

Bernie's Heart

I wanted to explain that the making of this lavender heart was not just a response to Marmalade Rose's 20 mins challenge, but also the result of a conversation last week between me and an old friend of my mother's.

Bernie (short for Bernadette) used to live next door to my mother and, although there was about a 30-year gap in their ages, they became firm friends. My mother died 14 years ago, but I keep in touch with Bernie, who now lives in Devon. During our phone conversation she said how much she likes hearts and can't resist buying them to hang on doors or just to sit on surfaces as ornaments. Now hearts are my favourites too, so I suggested a little swap - and this is my swap heart for Bernie.

But that is not all - the heart is made of totally recycled materials - except the label and the sewing thread!

  • The pink, woolly material is an old sweater of mine that I felted
  • the cotton perle flower is one I made many years ago
  • the Indian silver butterfly is a broken brooch I found in my mother's jewellery box
  • the tatted edging is my very first attempt at this craft which my mother obviously saved (also in the jewellery box) I hope the heart will have an extra significance for Bernie.


Wipso said...

That little heart is really pretty and so special knowing where all the bits came from. I've joined the 20 Minuters so hope to drop in on you from time to time.
A x

Floss said...

That is very special. I love the idea of so many memories put into one item.

LittleGem said...

Thank you for the very encouraging comment on my crochet! I am pleased I am on the right track!! I love Attic24s stuff but need to learn all the stitches first I think before I can give any of that a go. Thank you for the link - I will let you know how I get on! xx

LittleGem said...

Sorry, also meant to say how lovely that heart is and what beautiful detail x

Jason Fist said...

Very cool project and a lovely story.

MarmaladeRose said...

Oh how lovely, and soooo special too. Thats the best kind of heart. The fabric on the back is very pretty.

Thank you for your help today. I was really struggling and you stuck your hand out and helped me. Thank you sweetie.