Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Day that the Rains Came Down

Well maybe Mother Earth didn't exactly swell with pride, but I was pretty relieved! Looks as if I may be able to get out of the hamlet if the rain melts away the snow and ice that has kept me here for the last 9 days!

Actually, I did get out this morning - a friend and his wife offered a lift into Bellac, where they were going shopping, so I now have some real food again! Store-cupboard stuff - dried or in tins - is no substitute. I feel I know now how hungry those spacemen must have been when they returned home after making their giant leap and surviving on those 'Tomorrow's World' sort of toothpaste tubes of food. Of course, in typical Sod's Law fashion, it now looks as if I might be able to get my own shopping fairly soon. That is, of course, if my car has not been damaged by frozen water in the radiator, seeing as how I forgot to put in any antifreeze. I'm going to let it all thaw out before I even try to start it!

This was the car yesterday - let's hope that all that white stuff'll be gone by tomorrow. The forecast is for 5º, which is about 10º higher than last night, so I'm hopeful.

While in Mézières this morning (we went there before Bellac) I took a picture of the concrete sheep, with their snowy coats on...

...that one that looks as if it's escaped onto the road is actually on the pavement!


Jason Fist said...

That's the same picture of the car as the day before!

marigold jam said...

Oh how it took me back seeing those sheep to our first eer visit to the area we lived in!!


Oh i will have to go see these sheep when i am next over
Did you enjoy Bellac it is beautiful isint it