Monday, 11 January 2010

Melting Point

at least. It must be a bit warmer today, as the snow has started to slip slowly down the car windows...

...although, according to the météo, temperatures in the région are still below freezing. Trouble is, this melted snow will freeze tonight and be lethal tomorrow!

So, once again I have been sorting boxes. I now have 10 boxes of yarn - all different and, although the yarn packs inside are individually priced, I thought I might sell them like Jamboree bags (remember those?) for a set price of 10 euros a boxful. The customer buys the box without seeing the contents and has a great surprise. I daren't look inside them myself, as I would want all the yarn back again!

Stitch Sampler

I also came across this old stitch sampler, from 1937, which I am going to sell. It is worked in cotton 'silks', possibly on a cotton/linen mixture material, by Ethel. In those days, I guess it was a piece of school work, so she would have been a young girl and, if still alive, would probably be in her 80s now. Hopefully she kept up the good work, as her stitchery was excellent!


Debra in France said...

Hi Penny, you have certainly been busy! Put me down for a couple of Jamboree Boxes please.

MarmaladeRose said...

Will add you to my 20 minuters! Looking forward to seeing your work. Thanks for joining in.

Fi x