Sunday, 10 January 2010

Selling off some old French Lace

Broderie Anglais Lampshade - ready-printed on Cotton/Linen lawn

While sorting through my boxes I came across lots of old French linens and lace and have decided to sell some of it. I'm starting with this pretty piece, which really should be framed and displayed, as it is over 100 years old!

It's from an old magazine (which I don't have) and is a very fine piece of linen/cotton lawn, printed with a small lampshade, ready to embroider in Broderie Anglais. It was made in 1906, as you can see. I think 8 euros is a fair price...

I am trying to add a PayPal button, but without success - anyone know how to do this?

In the meantime I have listed the lampshade on my website - Chez Penny.

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Joy said...

Oh, my goodness! Thanks for the history! I was also thinking that this particular piece would be wonderful framed! I will take great care of it! It might be the most interesting piece of the whole lot I bought. Have a great day!