Friday, 8 January 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I went for a walk today, with Nadine, my neighbour (the one who grows and sells organic veg). She has a huge doberman called Vascar, who loves the snow. He is six years old but acts like a pup in the snow. He runs in it, slides in it, sinks his nose in it and eats it.

So we took a walk around this lake, which is nearby. Normally it is full of huge carp (I think they breed them to sell to the local fishing lake owners who stock up in the Spring) but today there was not a carp to be seen...

..not surprising really, as the lake was frozen solid!

I wonder how long all this snow and ice will take to melt - I've been 'coincé' here for 5 days now (stuck here) and even the postman got a tractor tow out before that! The local roads are a complete deathtrap, although the one big corner was salted by the local council after a plea from Nadine. The fact that either side of it is completely impassable is by the by.

Anyway, the walk - though cold - (and yes, Giles, I was wearing my new walking boots) was very agreeable. I shall try and do it more often.

I wonder how long it would take to walk to Mézières, and would there be a café open when I got there?...

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Floss said...

No snow here yet, but the schools were semi-cancelled at the mere threat of it! You do seem to be making the most of your trapped life, though! The lake looks great.