Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Yellow Alert

So...or should I say ...Snow - seems my département is on yellow alert. I just went to look up tomorrow's weather (I was meeting a friend for coffee and lunch) and found that the météo site was down due to (get this) adverse weather conditions! Anyway it was back up shortly after so I could see the forecast for the next three days - which is for snow, snow and snow.

This is the vigilance chart, which warns about dangerous weather, and you can see the snow and ice areas of danger, with my departement (87) just on the edge of this area. At present we are on Yellow Alert.

...apparently that means watch out and keep checking and (presumably) don't go out unless you have to. I don't think I could actually get out at all anyway as all the roads in the hamlet are lethal with snow and ice and I cannot see my car even getting up the little incline just out of my drive!

So, my hot water bottle's in my bed and I'm just boiling the kettle for a cup of Green and Black 's Hot Chocolate drink.

Roll on summer!


Jason Fist said...

In France we are continually on alert for something or other, just so someone can't come back and say that they weren't warned.

That's why the weather forecast is always on the rainy side. Keeps people happy when it the rain doesn't happen.

Christy said...

It seems that the whole of the Northern hemisphere is having a colder and snowier winter than normal.

Always enjoy your posts and your sojourn in France.