Monday, 22 February 2010

A Day Out in La Rochelle

When Giles comes over to do some work for me, we usually do something else at the weekend, so that we do get some mother-son time together. This weekend we went to the foire at L'Isle Jourdain on Saturday morning, and to La Rochelle on Sunday.

Text ColourLa Rochelle - vieux port

It was a cold day, but bright, and we had a good time. We went to one of the three beaches - Minimes - and I got some stones (I have a thing about water-washed stones), which always makes it a good visit for me!

There was sun, but it got cloudier as the day went on.

Giles' Hat

I have not completely neglected my 20-minutes-a-day craft challenge - you can see Giles is wearing a new hat, which I made from this pattern.
It is a reversible hat, and he is wearing it on what I would call the 'wrong' side, in this picture. It is knitted from Malabrigo worsted - a fabulous yarn - which I have never used before. It used so little yarn I am making him another one in the reverse of the colours, and even so it looks as if I will have enough left over for a third one!

The yarn is so cosy and warm, I'm definitely going to use it again, although it is very soft - so perhaps not too good for something you would wear, like a sweater.


Cottage Garden said...

Gosh it looks cold there. Is that an antique fair at L'Isle Jourdain?
Love Giles's hat, especially on the 'wrong side' - it looks very snug!


Dan said...

Ah, someone else who picks up pebbles, or 'chuckies' as my mum used to call them from a day out at the beach. Fantastic post, and thanks for sharing.
Best wishes

marigold jam said...

Iy looks chilly at La Rochelle - we went there in the summer months and it was a lovely place. Like the hat keep his ears warm no doubt! Have friends from Confolens here at the moment - good to catch up on the news.

Kate said...

Lucky you, I love La Rochelle. We had a fabulous holiday on the Isle de Re a few years ago, loved that place so much. Gorgeous memories of all the hollyhocks but of course they won't be out now.