Saturday, 27 February 2010

Stormy Weather

Gosh - it's very stormy here tonight! Giles has gone back by train today, so I am on my own again. The wind has risen and sounds like a tornado. I am going to put on my red shoes just in case I get transported to OZ...

On Friday night there was a violent storm with lightning, high winds and pouring rain, and when I got into my bed, it was soaking wet! Somehow the rain is getting into the roof and running along a beam which is over my bed... Giles thinks it is an air tile (sticks up out of the roof and has holes in for ventilation) and that the wind is driving the rain through the holes. Anyway, I have placed a large plastic box on my bed tonight, and hope that the rain has eased off before I actually go to bed!

We have done loads of work (well, Giles has, actually) and I am pretty well exhausted. I have a few things to finish off at home (as well as a mammoth clear-up)but Giles made fantastic progress with the shop.

He fitted the lights in all the rooms, put the fronts on the kitchen units, fitted plug sockets on the work surface, installed heaters, put in the shower cubicle, and repaired the front door, which had no bottom hinge as the whole bottom of the frame had rotted away! He also made a new weatherboard for the door, fitted a drip strip (whatever that is) and made an oak step in from the street. He's a one-man whirlwind and all round good person!

At home I need to finish off the cupboards and the kitchen ceiling, and then there's just the middle room and the stairs to do...


marigold jam said...

Hope you get a dry bed tonight then! We are forecast the wind tonight and tomorrow. Giles sounds like a man in a million!


H i there
Hope you have been ok after the storms
Poor you with a wet bed to get into not nice
Hope the sun shines soon for you
Glad you have got lots of work done you are getting on well