Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sink Curtain

Yesterday I mentioned I thought of making a sink curtain with some of my tea towels that weren't selling. This is the mess that you could see under my sink:

So I decided which tea towel I had most of and made a curtain.

Here it is:

...much better!

But - strangely enough, just as I had made the first bit of the curtain (unpicking the edges and sewing two tea towels together) I got an order in from my website, and it was for a needlecase and a pair of tea towels!!!!!! Fortunately it was a design that I had not cut up for hearts, nor made the curtain out of. PHEW!


marigold jam said...

Certainly looks better like that! And phew what a relief that the purchaser didn't want that particular teacloth!!


Wipso said...

Love the new curtain. My motto is always that you want tommorow what you throw out/use today :-)
A x

Jason Fist said...

Cool curtain, and it's great that you're getting orders on your site!

Tallis said...

Looks loads better, and a good way to use up things.
I'm in a recycle mood myself, but I need to go through all my bit and bobs first!

Annalisa said...

What a nice idea,now it looks wonderful!
Have a lovely evening,