Thursday, 4 February 2010

Wind of Change

It's a very windy evening here. I could hear the gate banging against its stop and had to go out in the dark and wedge it with a piece of breeze block to stop the noise. It's not a cold wind, so hopefully it won't bring any more snow!

I've been out a lot of the day but still found some time to carry on tidying my workroom. I try to do something every day so it is moving along, even if slowly. This is what it looked like last time I took a photo...

... and this is what it looks like today...
,,,many more boxes on the shelves, and also (though you can't see it) a pile of empty plastic boxes by the back door - ready to go into the dependances. Boxes are labelled reasonably well, although it is difficult to do that... and I hope I'll be able to find things more easily when it's all finished!

Another couple of days and you'll be able to see the settees!


marigold jam said...

That looks better! Did you enjoy the book swap and find the people friendly? Do hope so.


Erika's Crafts Corner said...

Looking good and quite an improvement. Did you built those shelves yourself? I always wanted shelves like that for my craftsroom, so I am a bit envious, lol. thanks for sharing and have a good day.


Dan said...

I love your light - you couldn't see it in the first picture, but it's very pretty!
What a difference you've made! It's great to be able to put a hand to everything again isn't it?

Elizabethd said...

Very impressed!