Thursday, 29 April 2010

...And a Green One (with no handles yet)

I wanted a change from the i-cord handles, so thought I would try to get some in the UK that would be suitable for this latest bag...

... at the moment it looks a bit like a waste-bin!

By the way - it wasn't knitted in stripes, just a variegated yarn, and only looked striped once it was felted!


marigold jam said...

Could see that one with brown leather handles perhaps? Looking good and I like the striped effect.


Dan said...

I love the bags you've been posting on here recently!

I really need a new one - I can't find anything in it even when it's almost empty. I guess it's just the design of it, it flops over onto itself, and keys etc get lost in the folds of the lining. If I'd have known that in the shop I'd have left it on the shelf.

I always look forward to seeing what you have made!

best wishes


Carol said...

I have always wanted to have a proper go at felting. it looks great and I must say I agree with marigold, brown or tan leather.

Calico Kate said...

LOVE these bags. Thank you for dropping by my blog - do say hello sometime.
Have been quite inspired by your bags I have been looking for a new knitting project as I am fed up with making egg cosies! I was lucky enough to be given a large book token for my birthday that book looks like it might have my name on it too!
Thank you for being such an inspiration, will be back soon.