Thursday, 13 May 2010

Coals to Newcastle

Here I am - fresh from my visit to pastures green...and cold...and windy... yes, the UK! Back here in France they've apparently had the same weather, but with rain! Certainly my 'lawn' has grown apace (looks more like a field) and is full of rather pretty buttercups.

I'm rather pleased it hasn't been hot here, as all the Spring flowers are still blooming - and my irises (which I feared might be over) have yet to burst into full bloom.

In England I stayed with my friend Joan, and her husband Alan, in Kenilworth - which is where I used to live. Alan is very good at making wine, which works perfectly for me, as I'm very good at drinking it! He gave me a bottle of his Damson 2009 to bring back with me, which you may well think is 'coals to Newcastle'. I have to drink it quickly though, as I fear it may not keep - having been decanted from its holy demijohn into a bottle - so I have started on it tonight while my quorn sausages and baked potato are cooking.

Personally, I think maybe the French could learn a thing or two from Alan...

I got back just after midnight, last night (or should that be this morning?) so I'm a bit tired now, and will probably go to bed early tonight. The wine is not helping me stay awake either!

Tomorrow I'll tell you about my little foray into shawlette land, with the 198 yards of heaven pattern by Verity Knits. (198 yards of hell, morelike....)

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Floss said...

Welcome home! I just discovered a bottle of my husband's 2002 gooseberry wine at the back of the shelves, and popped it into the fridge for a treat when he comes home from the UK tomorrow night. Enjoy yours!