Saturday, 29 May 2010

Markets and Brocantes

Everyone's idea of France. And whom am I to disabuse them! I have been to both today and had a great time.

This morning I went to Chauvigny with Sue - it was the first time she had been there. We met some of the Kangaroo ladies from the course at the ch√Ęteau of St. Julian de l'Ars and had a good chat with them. Christine bought me a bunch of Calla Lilies - which are beautiful - as a parting present.

She was adamant that I should open the shop in Le Dorat and, you know, I think I might...

This afternoon I went to a couple of brocante shops in Bellac and bought some stuff that I thought would be good for display purposes in the shop.

A couple of baskets...

... and the baby chair that they are sitting on in the pictures... hinges down and converts to a little chair on the floor, with a table in front of it - and the table even has some wooden beads on a piece of heavy wire that the child can push from side to side! I can see it either with items draped over it, or a teddy bear sitting in it, or both!

I could do with some taller stuff too, like a dresser, but I need a van to transport my home one to the shop - or I need to buy another one.

There was a brocante shop in Chauvigny which was wonderful for inspiration. It was smaller than my shop but a real Aladdin's Cave, stocked from floor to ceiling with all sorts of things from huge wardrobes to tiny buttons. To be fair - there were only 2 wardrobes - one in each tiny room of the shop, and most of the items were displayed on chests, tables and chairs, or hung on the wall. I wish I had taken some pictures now... ...anyway, I've got chairs.... ...and tables... ...and a big suitcase (not exactly a chest, but close) and a wrought-iron French bed that I just need to get some legs welded on to...

I'm seriously going to try to get in there next week and paint the remaining wall, tidy up and make a real effort to do something so I can open this summer!

Cast Ne'er a Clout till May be Out...

It has been a cold and showery day, today, although it looked promising this morning. But by this evening I was so cold I had to light the woodburner in the kitchen. It has been a disappointing May!

According to the forecast, tomorrow (French Mothering Sunday) will be no better!

I think I'll just do a bit of knitting, make myself a hot chocolate and a hot water bottle, and go to bed early!


Elizabethd said...

Think you are very brave starting a business in bureaucratic France!

all kinds of everything said...

Lucky you!Wow to have a shop in France!
Love the basket and chair... just beautiful!
I am going to France in july and I
nearly can't waith to be there!