Wednesday, 19 May 2010

New Discoveries

2 days - 2 discoveries. Feel like Marco Polo or Captain Cook...

Actually, they are fairly mundane, but still exciting in my humdrum Limousin life!

Yesterday I found this pattern for a crochet hexagon - called African Flower. It's just gorgeous, and very simple to do (except for the sewing-in of the ends)! The pattern is in US terminology - so watch out! There are lots of beautiful pictures on the Group for this hexagon on Flickr, so do check it out!

So far I have tried a few colour combinations...

... the only change I have made from the basic pattern is that I use a 'magic circle' to start, and pull this up afterwards, so there is no hole in the middle. I just find this easier than the initial 5 chain.

I am toying with the idea of adding a yellow bead or french knot in the centre of the flower...

MiaInspiration has made some lovely ones that you can see on her Flickr page. I love these bags!

... and some of her lovely things (including these bags) are for sale on ETSY.

Now for the second discovery!

A bird has nested on the top of the stack pipe which vents from the fosse. Poor babies! Do birds have a good sense of smell?

I thought it was a blue tit, as I saw one nearby with a grub in its mouth, but the bit of bird sticking out of the nest looks like a pigeon!

If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see what looks like a pigeon's head on the right, and that white tail sticking out on the left indicates quite a big bird...

Fortunately it is not over the kitchen doorway!


The Garden Bell said...

Watch out. Those African Flowers are highly addictive. I'm working on some now. Love how they turned out. Keep us posted on what you are going to make. I'm thinking a new cardigan....icks.

A.F. on-

Wipso said...

I have been making those African flowers on my blog too and if you follow to the link I have put on there the instructions are in English and easier to follow :-)
A x

Twiglet said...

lol - I have had 4 attempts to make one and failed - it dawned after the 2nd one that I was using American instructions - silly me.
They look so lovely, I am determined to succeed!!!