Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ann's Rosebud Doll

Yesterday I had dinner with my friend Ann.  She likes dolls, but has hardly any... and one less now because she gave me one.  It is a 6 1/2 inch Rosebud doll in hard plastic and only the arms move, although they were a bit dodgy on a rather perished rubber band and I re-did them with some round hat elastic.

The doll's dress had been adapted from a larger doll - sleeves taken in with a stitch, hem taken up, sides stitched in a bit.  I washed it and took out all that stitching, so it can have another life on a different doll, because it really is a pretty dress.

The doll also had a very shabby petticoat - which I am just going to throw away

- and some extremely disreputable knitted woollen knickers. Destined, again, for the bin!

I made a crochet dress and bonnet for the doll, and I think it's turned out rather well...

... and I sewed her some new knickers with a scrap of lace I had.

Ann's idea was that I should sell her in the shop, but I think I'll have to offer her back first...

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