Saturday, 21 August 2010

Lingerie Ribbons

I'm back!  Like a bad Penny, did I hear you say? Well, possibly, although I am never sure what a bad penny is - or was.  Is it a fake?  Hardly worth doing those these days, since a penny is worth so little.  Not this Penny, of course, I must be worth something - seeing as you're reading my blog anyway. But I digress...

I went to England to see my grandchildren, and the new baby, Max, who was just 2 weeks old.  He's lovely, and here he is with his big sister, so you can see for yourselves...

While I was away Gill Orme looked after Chez Penny for me and did a magnificent job - Thanks, Gill - selling lots of stuff, so I have to get crafting now to replace some stock.

As I put in new stock, I also need new price tags.  Maybe you read THIS post on the chezpenny blog?  Well when in England I bought some new clothes in M&S and, of course, all the tops came with long bits of ribbon sewn into the shoulders so they wouldn't fall off the hangers in the shop. Now I'm sure you have experienced this too, and know that you have to cut these ribbons out, or they hang out from the shoulders and you're forever tucking them back in.  So, what to do?  It seems a waste to just bin them, so I had a great idea.  I found that I could use them to put on my swing tags, and one shoulder ribbon generally does two tags!  Eco-friendly or what?


Keith Eckstein said...

Welcome back!

val said...

Hello again! I'm sure you had a lovely time back here in England - especially seeing all you little people!
I really love your tags, I am sure you shop will do well because I think everyone will want one of those gorgeous swing tickets! :0)
Have a lovely week,
Val xxx Oxfordshire