Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Wall

No, not Pink Floyd - the one in my garden.  Well, to be precise, it's in my neighbour's garden.  It is between our two gardens, but on her side.  There used to be a wall there when I first bought the house, but it was of single stones and very low, as most of it had collapsed because the mortar my neighbour used was all wrong.

So then I put a cattle trough there (with her agreement) but it didn't fill the space, was on slope and never looked right. 

So I reinstated her original wall, and Raphael came and built it yesterday, with the help of Harvey, a young Frenchman, who did all the fetching and carrying - despite having a bad back from lifting concrete blocks for a swimming pool the previous day!  

It is fabulous, and now looks like this...

She seems happy with it and I love it.

Continuing the Warr Effort

I have done some more squares for Max's blanket, although it is slow going.  Here is a picture update!

Only 21 squares so far, and I'm not sure how big to make it eventually.  If it was 10 x 10 that would be 100 squares, and currently I would be almost 1/4 the way there!  Not sure I have enough yarn for that!


marigold jam said...

The wall and the blanket both look great to me. If it were me I think I'd make the blanket a small rectangle and then if I had enough yarn do another row of squares on one long and one short side to make a slightly larger one and then again the same if yarn permitted. Whatever size you do it it's lovely.


Elizabethd said...

That wall does look better, and will give you a bit more privacy, I imagine.

val said...

I love the wall, it has a real rustic charm that makes it so photographic and yet is so very practical. Well done!
The blanket is gorgeous, are you joining as you go? I have tried to work how to do that at Attic 24 but I still don't get it!
Have a good day!
Val .... from WITNEY!