Sunday, 1 August 2010

Bother with the Blanket!

Somehow or other it seems I have managed to crochet BW's blanket squares in two different sizes!

When I looked at this picture in my recent post, The Warr Effort, I thought the square I was sewing on looked a bit bigger...

...and sure enough, it was.  In fact I had made 6 squares on a 3mm hook instead of a 2.5mm.

So, of course, I had to take the whole thing apart!

Now I have 11 squares of the smaller size and am carrying on with blanket.

This time I think I will crochet the squares together because sewing them together was a pain in the proverbial!  Also, the sewing was less stretchy and I wondered if it might spoil the overall 'feel' of the blanket.

The 6 bigger squares will become coasters as I can't be bothered to pull them back and re-crochet with the smaller hook.  I'm pretty sure I have enough for the blanket without them, but I'll keep them till the end anyway!


marigold jam said...

How *** annoying!


val said...

Hi again! You are much more patient than I, I think I would have bodged them together or just left on one side for a very rainy day! I think the colours are gorgeous though and it will really be worth all your excellent good practice and effort when it is a great big TADAA moment!
Happy 20 Minutering!

Teje said...

These are beautiful!!! Lovely colours!!!
Wishes Teje