Thursday, 18 November 2010

Yaaaaaay! Internet Access!!!!!

As you can see, I'm rather excited about being back in the global Internet world after what has seemed like an AGE away.  Although local libraries are great when it comes to getting your mail, nothing really beats the convenience of having your own connection in your living room (or tiny space between the living room and kitchen, as in my case). Now, I can upload the pictures of the cottage that I took last week - so here they are.

Looking from the front door through to the back wall
To the left of the front door is the settee
Opposite the settee is the fireplace
The kitchen is sweet - but tiny!
The stairs go up to a little bedroom and bathroom
The whole cottage 'footprint' is about the size of my kitchen in France! I could never live here on a permanent basis - there just is not enough storage space for me, but it is lovely for the moment, and great being within a 5 minute walk of the town centre.


Elizabethd said...

It looks very sweet. As you say, small, but big enough for the moment I guess.

Clara said...

This looks like a very cozy little spot. You are on the move again soon?
I was looking at the lovely place you lived before and was thinking you are moving about to find the exact location that suits you.

Pearly Queen said...

Not exactly Clara - I'm simply renting the cottage while the other house sells and then I will buy a place here in Bishops Waltham. Hopefully that won't be to long as renting is VERY expensive...


Cosy and warm
Love the kitchen
Hope you are happier being back in uk
Is that you completley left from living in France then