Sunday, 2 January 2011

Bags, Bootees and Blankets

It's been a long time since I updated this blog, but I haven't been idle!  

I tried to make most of my presents, but it's hard when you give to the same people every year... my son has enough hats to sink a ship... and most of my family have enough scarves and bags to open a shop.  So...I started making things for my Folksy shop as well and I'm going to list them soon.

For my daughter I made a beret in angora - but I wrapped it before I thought to take a picture.  It was from this pattern..

... and I made it in a pale green angora from Filature du valgaudemar.  

Green angora

It's a beautiful yarn and goes a long way - the beret took one and a half balls.

For my son-in-law I made this hat..

purlaway hat pic

..but I didn't have the proper yarn and it turned out a bit small.  So I made this one too...

Turn a square hat

...and that was possibly a little too big!  Anyway, he got them both and I have the feeling that they may only be worn on a cold day in the shed! When I think about it, I've never seen Marcus in a woolly hat...

I made some doll blankets for Molly...

... which she was delighted with!

Today I started on making more items to sell on Folksy or my next stall at a Craft Fair.

As Spring is not far off (I hope) I've started with some bootees..

White_Ivory rose bootees

They fit babies from 3 to 6 months and usually sell well.

And lastly, I must show you the little granny square bags I made...

Granny Square bag - red and green

Granny Square bag - mauve

...I think I'm going to line them and then put them on Folksy.

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Clara said...

I just love the bags, they are really great!