Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Good Day; Bad Day

It started off good, but ended up bad.  Know what I mean?

In the morning and afternoon I was with my daughter, looking after baby Max while she had some facial treatment, then we picked up Molly, who was in a good mood, from pre-school.


Meanwhile.... I was having the car serviced...

That's when it all turned bad.

The bill was OK, but the list of things that needed attention was not.  I don't yet know how much it will all cost to put right, but it won't be pence...

...so I came home and switched on the lights and two bulbs blew immediately. (Bu**er).
But at least they didn't trip the circuit-breaker, so I just had to replace the bulbs.  (Note to me - buy more bulbs)
To date, I have replaced 4 of the 12 halogen lights in the downstairs of the cottage.  (The upstairs has traditional lighting). In 2 1/2 months, this seems a bit excessive to me! 

After this, I opened a bottle of the only wine I had - which happened to be champagne...

...well, Cremant de la Loire, which is just as good, but not made in the Champenoise region, so cannot strictly be called Champagne.  Perhaps it's Sham Champagne!  

After just one glass I am finding that extremely funny, so perhaps I should not have a second glass!

Cremant de la Loire

Tomorrow I will ask a couple of different garages to quote for the work on the car (it has to be done) and then get it done.  I NEED the car.  Also, I can sell it in France for more than I could sell it here. (Obviously - it is left-hand drive)

So I will put off total despair until I have had those quotes.

Life can be so tricky... just when you think you've got a grasp on it, it turns round and bites you...


Teacups and Tiskets said...

I hope you had the second glass.

Your plan for world domination with triangular mats better kick off real soon. Maybe you should add circles and squares as well.

I can send you over my husband to see to the lights. He's an electrician. But not the car.


PS. I prefer the carnations.

GerryART said...

Just read the list of 'need attention' items
and noted the mileage at 277,xxx
if this isn't miles bur rather kilometers wouldn't that equal about 170,000 miles plus.
That's a lot of miles, isn't?
and I'll read further along to see what happens.