Sunday, 13 February 2011

It's Raining Again

But I'm a little fighter, trying not to get uptighter... golly, those are ridiculous lyrics...

Anyway it IS raining here today, though yesterday was sunny and warm.  Just one of those little tricks the weather plays on us in the northern hemisphere at this time of year.

So what can you do in this weather? Well I'm sitting in my cosy cottage, drinking Rooibos tea and eating apple and walnut cake and making little hearts filled with lavender...

Little knitted heart

I love this variegated one, especially the vintage mother-of-pearl button I found for it - painted with little roses!

Destined for my next craft sale on 5th March, at the United Free church, shown below.

Only a small coffee morning and table-top sale, but I did well at the last one.

NOTE:  Edited to add a second lavender heart, in pink with a vintage handmade lace motif.

Pink Lavender and lace heart


marigold jam said...

Be careful these little hearts can be addictive!!


Elizabethd said...

Very sweet! Hope you do well at the sale.

Teacups and Tiskets said...

It isnt too different down here in the southern hemisphere lately, rain one day, maybe sun the next, or rather, rain for a week, maybe sun for a day.

Apple and walnut cake, with rooibos tea, that sounds like a lovely combination.
Ive been experimenting with various herbal teas lately, some of them more medicinal in taste, not sure if my family really appreciate being the guinea pigs, but they dont complain too much.


Clara said...

I love these hearts. I just had a lovely cup of have to find that apple raisin loaf in my freezer.