Friday, 11 February 2011

Photos and Phone covers

I went to the Country Market run by the WI this morning - it's about a 1-minute walk away from me and has lovely home-made cakes and suchlike for sale.  I bought an apple and walnut cake for £2.50 and it is delicious. 

apple and walnut cake

...guess I should have taken a picture while it was still whole...

Then I walked into the village and had my hair trimmed...
..and this photo taken so I can get a bus pass from the local authority.

Me scan

It's better than the last one I had for my passport and driving licence, which made me look like an axe murderer!

After lunch I decided to have a go at making a new cover for my mobile phone out of some beautiful yarn I've had for years.  It's silk and seacell and a beautiful pale green colour - totally appropriate for Spring.

Silk and Seacell phone cover

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