Tuesday, 1 March 2011

In Like a Lion

Yes, I've just been outside for the first time today and it's EXTREMELY cold.  I wouldn't put it past it to SNOW.

Anyway - I just wanted to tell you the GOOD NEWS that I GOT MY MONEY BACK!  On the shampoo I told you about this morning. Well, nearly all my money anyway.  The man who sold it to me was not there, and the lady who was  refunded my card with £12.77 and not £13, but I didn't think I would try and argue...

I've ordered some more from greenpeople.co.uk, which is what I should have done in the first place, seeing as Bishops Waltham is not the metropolis at the centre of the universe and not many people there (less than one in Madeleine House hairdressing and beauty salon) have heard of parabens.

The BAD NEWS is that I went into those Charity shops again and bought some more pictures for my walls...

embroidered rose arch picture

Peony picture

...some little books for Molly...

Books for Molly

...and a pearl and bling necklace for Toria.

necklace for Tor

Something for all the family!

1 comment:

Claire said...

Well done on asking for your money back on the shampoo. It's is not a sign of old age. It's about standing up and saying this isn't acceptable.Something, we all need to do a little more often....
Love the pictures from the charity shop, just gorgeous, don't think there's anything bad about that experience.

Claire :}