Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Not So Long...

Not so long between posts this time!

I wanted to do more yesterday but I was having a right royal time uploading pictures to Flickr. I gave up trying to upload with Blogger, as it always seems to take all day and then finally fails.  So now you're getting pictures linked to my Flickr page, which is probably better!  I do have to tweak the size of the photos a bit, but that's OK.

I did these flowers yesterday, from the pattern on The Flower Bed, although I am still a little uncertain as to whether I got it right...

4 flowers

Flower, close

...anyway, they're bright and cheerful and I think I'm going to back the centres with card and put each one on a stick  (maybe I should do that in pairs, so they have two faces in case they swivel round...)... or maybe I'll join them all in a line and make flowery bunting... (quite like that idea!)

Seems the uploading problem was due to my modem being 'stale' and I needed to switch it off and on again to cure this.  (Info from a Tech Support guy called Chris at Plusnet.net).  It worked and now I can upload at lightning fast speed!

Money Back

Well I'm off into town/village to get my money back on some shampoo now.  A couple of weeks ago, after trying vainly to get some without parabens, I went into the hairdressers and asked them.  The owner recommended this...

shampoo bottle

...which I have been using.  As the writing giving the ingredients is so small, I didn't check - after all the guy told me it was parabens-free - but, in fact, it contains a whole load of not-very-natural ingredients!

shampoo ingredients

To add insult to injury, it cost me £13 - about 4 times what I could buy a shampoo for in a supermarket or Boots, I am taking it back!  Is it a sign of old age that I'm getting more determined to complain about this kind of thing?


Wipso said...

Love the flowers. Gorgeous colours. Good luck with the shampoo....it's really no different to a food product with peanuts in it if you had a peanut allergy....if you were told they weren't in there then they shouldn't have been in there! Go for it girl. :-)
A x

Carol said...

I'm with Plusnet - aren't they great?
My flowers look similar to yours but more open centres. I followed Elizabeth's pattern http://byelizabethcat.blogspot.com/Learning a new (to me) stitch at the moment by acting as a tester for a new pattern using crocodile stitch. I think I've got it!
I've checked my Aveda shampoo and it seems to be paraben free. I don't blame you returning the item when you made a specific request, good luck.
Carol xx

The Garden Bell said...

Wonderful flowers. They look right to me... but what do I know... I've alone gotten one done so far.

By the way, I was a sucker too a while back for that same shampoo. Return, ASAP...so sorry.

Teacups and Tiskets said...

I think as we get older, it is much easier to say what we think and not to put up with stuff that we might have let slip years ago.

I think its a confidence thing.

I'd be taking it back too, at that price.


Jason Fist said...

Don't they do cheaper paraben-free shampoo at the supermarket?

Joy said...

Try J.R.LIGGETT'S Old Fashioned Shampoo Bar. No SLS, no scary unpronouncable ingredients. No animal products, not tested on animals, detergent free, cleans with natural oils. Take a look at the site: www.jrliggett.com Yes, I write for the company, but not til after I tried the shampoo and loved it. So mild you can use it to wash your skin also or an undergarment in a pinch. Multitasking...great for travel (not a liquid that spills or the TSA confiscates) I love the Peppermint and Jojoba, but have just tried the Herbal and that is very nice also. Smells very clean and fresh.