Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I may be gone some time...

...Today is Tuesday.  I'm packing boxes again.

Marcus is coming tomorrow and we're going to fill his car and mine and take the boxes down to his firm's unit, where there are already 22 of mine packed away.

There are boxes in the front room...

Boxes near door

...and boxes in the kitchen...

Boxes by kitchen

...and stuff labelled 'boxes' that isn't actually boxes at all!

bag box

There's still quite a bit to do, but I reckon I've done most of the packing for storage.  I can't do without the bed and the settee until the last minute, and maybe there'll be a couple more boxes to go then too!  Then there's the stuff I'm taking back in the car - such as my kettle and coffee machine; the bread machine and so on.  So still a lot to do in these last few days.

I'm pretty tired now, as I've also taken an old Singer sewing machine to a firm called Tools for Self-Reliance, who are situated about half-an-hour from here.  They renovate old Singer hand or treadle machines and send them out to Africa, so women can support their families by sewing. I bought the machine I gave them from a charity shop here for £3.  I would have liked to renovate it myself (they do a full manual you can download) but I just didn't have time.

So I've poured myself the last of the bottle of wine I bought in M&S last week, and that'll be the last bottle until I get back to France.  I can't get used to paying £7 for a bottle when I pay less than €3.50 in France!

Last wine

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Heldasland said...

I hate moving it is the time you realise you have so many things that you never use.Good luck