Friday, 6 May 2011

Saturday or Friday?

Today I thought it was Saturday - right up to lunchtime, when I went out and discovered it was Friday!  I don't seem to know what day of the week it is any time, but I don't let it stop me working!  More painting today and a bit of gardening.

The wall by the sink is finished - although I want to get some tiles to go above the sink, as it was very splashed before, and I don't want to paint it again any time soon!! I've looked in a couple of DIY places, but not found any I like yet.  Maybe I'll have to go to Limoges.

Wall over sink painted

I also gave the doorframe (into the middle room) a coat of antique white yesterday and another coat today, and painted the wall by the door with a French Dulux Valentin paint, made for kitchens.  It is slightly more blue than the previous blue, but very pretty.  It will have a better depth of colour when I've given it the second coat.

Door frame and blue wall first coat

In the garden I cleared up a lot of old rubbish and took a car load down to the tip, so at least it looks a bit tidier.  So much to do though, as there are no flowers out since I've been away and the weather has been very dry here - we're on the edge of having a drought situation proclaimed!  Anyway, I have a well, which still has lots of water in, though I expect the weather will break as soon as I have laboriously pulled up several buckets of water and watered everything!!

Tomorrow I plan to finish the kitchen ceiling.  I've already painted the last beams and just need to do the plasterboard between them.  That will really make a difference, I think.

Not much time for knitting or crochet, I'm afraid, as I fall asleep every night at about 9 o'clock, and once at 8.30!  Hopefully I'll get used to hard work at some point!

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Wipso said...

It's all looking very good so keep it up :-) Love the colours you're using.
A x