Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Long time No Blog Post...again!

Goodness, that seemed like a long time! And it may be as long again until the next time, as I still don't have my Internet connection up and running, or a fixed phone line.  Now, it seems, SFR have decided it is a line problem (lines are owned by Orange - who were France Telecom) and therefore SFR can disclaim responsibility until Orange report back.  They have a week to do that, but who knows if they will be within that time....  Even then, they do not have to FIX the problem in that time frame, merely report on it.  Meanwhile SFR have LENT me a 3G key, so I can get some access at least, albeit very slow and spasmodic.

So - in the time since my last posting I have done more in the kitchen, like finishing the ceiling and putting tiles above the sink...

mirror above sink1

...I was offered white ones for free, so that decided it - white it was - and I put up the mirror to kind of tie it all together.  I have some material to make a curtain all the way across under the sink, which will finish it off, I think.

I haven't finished the blue wall, but I am going to take off the light fitting (which was under the cupboards originally) before I do it all.  There may be a hole where they brought the electricity supply in and I'm not sure how I'll fix that.

In the middle room I have painted half of a wall in a lemon colour, but it took 4 coats to cover the plasterboard, which won't leave me enough to do the whole room, as I still have to do the other half of the wall!  To do that I have to move a huge free-standing cupboard (like a wardrobe with shelves) - you can see part of it in this picture...

Yellow wall

...and to do that I had to empty it, which I have almost finished doing!

So I spent most of today in a VERY BAD MOOD over the Internet and phone thing, and really wasted a lot of time!  This evening I painted the inside of a fireplace where I plan to move a wood-burner.  I only had enough of that paint to do a very cursory coat, but at least it'll hold the plaster together! 

Fireplace first coat

Tomorrow I'll finish clearing out the cupboard - I have a friend who might like to buy it (get in touch, Maarit) and then paint the rest of that wall!  At least I can get the first coat on.  As I have used so much of the 5 litres I bought in yellow, I have now bought some of that fabulous Dulux Heritage that I painted the kitchen in, in 'Wiltshire White' to do the other walls. I think I'll do the ceiling first though...

I have also made some changes in the end room, though not with paint.  I moved the piano in there, and I think it works well.  Certainly I think the acoustics are better, though it's hard to tell, as I am not exactly at Concert Pianist level...


I also moved the two bookcases in from the middle room and moved the chest of drawers to a new position to accommodate the piano.  All in all I think it is a cosier room now! By the way, the red wood-burner you can see is the one I want to move into the room next door.

Bookcases and chest-of-drawers

Oh - and the things I've been emptying from the big cupboard and those boxes and baskets?  I've put them into big sweet jars and I'm going to sell the jars at 2 euros each!  Bargain!

2-euro jars


Jason Fist said...

You're making great progress! Painting looks excellent.

As for the phone line, Orange does not and never has owned the line (it's France Telecom).

Zoe said...

Love seeing what you are doing with your house and that red woodburner is gorgeous.

Jamiesons wool softens after the first hand wash.

Thanks for you comment.