Friday, 17 June 2011

Good Riddance to the 80s...

...when you look at patterns like this!

what not to crochet

20-odd years later (the book was published in 1987) it is to be hoped this poor man has got over the trauma of being made to wear this! Not to mention those trousers...

The garment (inappropriately called Treasure Trove) is described thus: 'Warm and versatile (versatile?), it looks equally good on a man or a woman.' ...and...'(a garment) that anyone would treasure.'  For versatility I'm guessing you seam it along the bottom edge, hold it by the shoulders handles and voila - the perfect shopping bag!

For goodness sake, it doesn't even fit the guy!

(I love these old books!)

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Joy said...

That 'old' stuff is fun to look at and laugh at now. Years ahead, we'll laugh at what we wear now.