Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I Have Reached One Hundred!

Followers, that is.  Thank you Juillet Valerie for being my 100th follower, but thank you so much to all my followers!  You are my friends.

It has been a quiet day here, today.  I got up at 7am so I could mow the lawn before it got too hot.  I was scarlet-faced by the time I finished it, but it looks good now.

After mowing

I tried to strim the edges, but the strimmer ran out of blue plastic line - typical!

Since I did the lawn before breakfast or even a shower, I spent the next hour getting clean and cool and eating toast and drinking coffee. By the time I had finished the day was quite warm, though cooler than yesterday. I have done almost nothing for two days, due to the heat, so I am seriously behind with my planned schedule.

I so wanted everything to be ready for the visit of my daughter and grandchildren, who arrive tomorrow.  Still, I guess they know I never seem to achieve perfection...

Most of the day was spent hanging pictures...

picture wall

...although I think Max will be sleeping in here, and I don't suppose he'll care about the pictures, as he's only 11 months old!

This evening it is much cooler and there's a mist over the Monts de Blond that means they are getting some rain there...

Misty over Monts de Blond

Because it looked so much cooler, I put my boots on and went out to level that patch of earth where I plan to put the bench.

levelled out

I did it, but, actually, it was NOT cool - I think we're heading for a storm.


Wipso said...

Congrats on the 100 followers. Have a really special time with your daughter and grandchildren....they will grow up and the jobs will still be there :-)
A x

Claire said...

Wow, that's such a lot of lawn to mow. I'm guessing you didn't use a ride on mower?........

You certainly deserved your toast and coffee after that effort.

It takes an hour to mow our 'house yard' and that's using a ride on........

Well done on the 100 followers. I hope things have cooled down a little for you. A beautiful sunny day here after a good frost.

Claire :}

Joy said...

You are a most industrious woman! You manage to overcome hurdles, right and left. The place looks good--you've worked hard. Have a great time with your daughter and grandchildren. You will have fun---I know it!