Friday, 5 August 2011

La Vie en Rose

It's a very pink day here at Violet White - to compensate for the weather.  That is NOT in the pink!  The worst August I've had since I came here.

Anyway, the current crochet is rosy at least!  A new brooch...

Raspberry Crush brooch

... and a pretty pink string bag with a shell edging...

Pink bag with shell top

Pink bag - shell top

Hope you're in the pink wherever you are!


Wipso said...

You really are in the pink today aren't you :-) and aren't they both really lovely.
I'm still working my way through the fab materials you sent me and am just about to make another one using the navy spotty :-)
A x

Mrs Twins said...

You know I like the stitch you've used here.
You asked me about 'time' doing other projects.
I've not long finished a granny shawl and also a long scarf for a friend of my daughters, so yes I do fit other things in. But to tell you the truth, I just love doing the blankets! If there was anything else I wanted to make for me I would do it, thanks for your comments.
Hugs Suex

Twiglet said...

The little brooch is so pretty! I made a dress using the navy spotty too - Wipso and I share everything! You can see it on my washing line pic on my blog! x Jo

quilterliz said...

G'day Penny. I just love the crochet brooches. I wore the one you sent me yseterday when I had my tooth removed and the nurse commented on how lovely it is.Of course I told her the story behind it. Your crochet bag is gorgeous. I love pink.It is such a cheery colour to wear on drab days. Take care. Liz...

crafts@home said...

Love this pink post :)
Sue Xxx

Wipso said...

The latest parcel has just arrived. Thank you so much's really pretty.
A x