Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Stormy Weather

Being roughly in the middle of France, we do get a lot of storms out here.  The whole kit and caboodle - crashing thunder, scarey fork lightning, pouring rain... This afternoon was oppressively hot, and now it is raining.  The rain was so hard, at first I thought it was hail!

rain 2nd Aug

Now I'm not normally scared of stormy weather, but when the thunder crashes and the lightning forks from sky to ground quite near, and the lights flicker and the telephone and Internet go off....

It's something I could really do without!

Excuse me, I'm just going to draw my curtains...

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marigold jam said...

I well remember the French storms - and how the electricity always went off and modems blew up and so on - they were spectacular but I must admit I don't miss them!! And do you find that the scortched earth after a French storm never smells like English earth when it's all wet? Strange!