Friday, 21 October 2011

46 Cakes So Far!

That's the result of two days listing on eBay.  And now I find I need to make at least another 10 to reach my target.  Seems that maths is not my strong point!

Many thanks to those people who have already bought some cakes - I posted two lots off this morning!  I have had to reconsider free postage, as each parcel cost me £1.75!

Mostly, today, I have listed the doughnuts, of which I need to make more as there are less of these than the pastry tarts.

Have a look at my eBay page now!

International Buyers

I am happy to send cakes to other countries, but need to sort out postage individually and eBay has no way to deal with this.  Therefore, if you would like to buy some cakes, but don't live in the UK, just email me (there's a link on the side bar) and let me know.

Off to France

I have booked a ticket for the Channel Tunnel and am going back to sort out my properties next Thursday.  I will, therefore be gone from this blog for a few days, and cake sending may be delayed a little.  Wish me luck!

Knit Yourself a Cat

I bought this great book today (though the shop didn't have the right wool to make the cat I want)...

They look pretty fiddly, and the text is in VERY small print, but I'm going to have a go.  Anyone made one yet?

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quilterliz said...

G'day. Love those cakes. You have really been busy. Have sent you an email regarding posting to International (Australia)Take care. Liz...