Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Farewell to London

Tomorrow I go to France - through the Channel Tunnel, which is a first for me.  It means I can do the whole journey in a day and be at my old house by mid to late evening (barring delays).

Today it has been raining here but it looks like it is brightening up now.  Here is the view from my bedroom window...

Autumn trees and London

I've really enjoyed my time here (except for the Breast Cancer operation of course!) and have more or less lost my dislike of travelling on trains buses and the Tube.  Guess I'll be back in 6 months for the next check-up, or possibly before if I manage to let or sell my properties.

Knitted Cakes

Thanks to all those who bought cakes - do let me know that they have arrived safely.  I have now changed the possible postage locations to anywhere in the world, and I'm just hoping that no-one buys from a location that will be REALLY expensive to post to!

Those of you who have not bought cakes - you'll need to be quick, as most of the listing expire in a day or so.  After that it will be coffee mornings in the Limousin or the shop in Le Dorat.

Just to remind you - the cakes are HERE and ALL the money goes to Breast Cancer Care.

18 pastry tarts

So far, I've sold 13 cakes which, happily, is a Baker's Dozen.  This means the total raised for Breast Cancer Care so far is £35.75.


.x.Helen.x. said...

Hi Penny, my cakes arrived on Monday which was pretty fast for 2nd class. Thank you so much, they are fab. They will definitely go on the Christmas tree and then I will have to find a place to display them afterwards. X

Joy said...

Just now reading about your breast cancer--hope you are feeling and doing well. Warm thoughts and prayers go out to you.