Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Soxy Lady

That's me!

I finished the Kaffe Fassett Regia socks yesterday - here they are...

KF Regia socks finished2

...I must say this pattern (Peter's Socks) looks much better on than off!

KF Regia socks finished

At my advanced age, I am rather pleased that I managed to get my leg up on the table with no bother :-)

Retro Baby Cardigan for Max
I made the first cardigan from this pattern when I was living in England, last year.  Then I got a message on Ravelry asking me if I could help a lady with the instructions (which are sketchy, to say the least).  So....  I dug out the pattern and some yarn, and made another cardi!

Once you've worked out how to do it (I wrote it all down this time, folks) this pattern knits up quickly, as it's in double DK, and I finished it in a day.  As the only making up was the sleeve seams, the longest bit was finding some matching buttons in my stash!

Retro Baby Cardi, close

I think it looks a little wide, but he can wear it over other things this winter...


Annie said...

Fab cosy socks Penny and I really love the little cardy. Gorgeous colours in the wool.
A x
ps don't forget to pop over to my blog to make your guess and join in my celebration fun :-)

Stocki said...

I'm in love with your socks...excuse whilst I go to see if I can still get my leg up on the table! :)x