Friday, 20 April 2012

Marigold Bunny

Today I finished Marigold - the latest bunny. She seems to have taken a long time - perhaps because I do not much like orange, so knitting in it is a chore.  Anyway, here she is...

Marigold Bunny

Think I might make Fuzzy Mitten's lamb next, just for a change!


Annie said...

Aw Penny she is just beautiful. I love the little lamb too. You have found some really fab patterns to knit.
A x

Carol said...

I think that orange is a lovely happy colour - those shoes are really sweet.
Hope you have a good weekend.
Carol xx

Making It Vintage said...

She's lovely too...........are you one of those 'speed knitters' Penny, or maybe you have a knitting elf stashed in a cupboard somewhere that comes out at night and helps you with your knitting, lol. x