Sunday, 22 April 2012

Playing Cache-Cache

Today I have been playing cache-cache with the rain.  The Bi-annual Plant Fair was on at the Château des Ducs de Mortemart and I went early, fortunately, while the sun was still shining. 

The château is half-surrounded by a lake, with swans, and is rather pretty... 

Swan and cygnet

This used to be a two-day event but obviously everyone is feeling the pinch as it is now down to just the one day.  I don't think there were as many exhibitors there as the last time I went, either - though there were lots... You can see all the photos on Flickr if you are interested.

I bought some nice plants...

Plant collection

...although they don't look much here!

A couple of campanulas and a thyme to go between the stones near the bench; some roses for the far border; a Lonicera tatarica Hacks Red (I had a huge bush of this in England, but was unable to get any cuttings to take) and a beautiful lilac - just the old-fashioned kind because they have the best scent.  I also bought 5 scented geraniums...

Scented geranium collection

...which I hope I'll be able to over-winter, or at least take cuttings.  I'm not even putting them out in the garden yet, as we've had two frosts lately that have damaged plants - killed my fuchsia which has been out for months and was in bud - and made a mush of all the new growth on my hydrangea.

Playing hide and seek with the rain I've been bringing in my wood which has been outside under a rather tatty tarpaulin for nearly a week, waiting for enough dry weather for me to barrow it into the dépendance and stack it.  Not that it stacks neatly as it is more than half great big gnarly bits.

I was part-way through when it started to hail (!!!) so I've come in to write this post. Now I see the sun is out so I'll go back out and try and finish the job!

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