Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Amari Shawl KAL

Did I mention that I joined in with Evelyn and others on this project as part of a Yarn Along?
...and that I had to pull back most of what I had done almost immediately?

Well now I've got back to where I was (and a little bit more) and this is what the shawl looks like now...

Amari shawl 29 May 2012

The yarn is lovely to knit with. I thought it was a Debbie Bliss, but now I'm using a ball with a label, I realise it is RY Cashsoft Baby DK.  And, wonder of wonders, it is NOT discontinued!  I think I will be using this yarn again, if I ever get to the point where I can justify buying yarn, and not using up some of my stash!


Annie said...

Well done you. It's looking really lovely :-)
A x

Evelyn said...

Ooh, your Amari is looking lovely. I really adore the color and good for you to rip back and fix what was wrong.