Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sunshine and Showers

Another sunshiney day, but this evening it got very stormy-looking and then it rained. Not that I minded, as I had just planted out the raspberry canes that Viv brought me yesterday evening.  

raspberry canes
I have no idea what the accepted wisdom is with regard to planting raspberries, but my wisdom, such as it is, says it is better to put plants in the ground than leave them in the watering can...

I had to weed the bit of ground first, but that was actually not too hard.  Weeding = throwing out all the clumps of grass, thick white bindweed roots, pieces of tile, bricks, stones and old bottles.  Tomorrow, if it's not raining, I'll try and clear some more of the patch and, even if it's too late to plant vegetable seeds, I'll put some pretty flower seeds in.  I've got 3 packets of cosmos that will look lovely in the summer.

Viv also brought me some rhubarb, the other day,   and I must try and get that in soon, as it already has 2 sticks coming on by the look of it!


Flower Hairbands

I went to  Eco Entrepot (commonly called 'The Shed' here) - a warehouse-type place selling just about everything, from fluffy marshmallows to solid oak furniture.  I got some  elastic hairbands to use with my crochet flowers and have done a couple of them already.  I think they will sell well at the Curdridge FĂȘte in July...

blue flower hairband

pink multi flower hairband 2

Maybe I'll put some of them on ETSY as they would be quite light to post...


Making It Vintage said...

We have had rain of biblical proportions here, getting into the garden to do any work has been impossible.

Your pretty flower headbands are lovely, they should sell well. x

Carol said...

What a good idea, I bet those hairbands do sell really well.
I've been digging up self-sets today, some for a neighbour and the rest for a friend to sell at her garden open day. A day in the garden does lift the spirits.
Carol xx