Friday, 4 May 2012

Lawnmower Woman

Yay!!!!!  Finally - the lawmower is mended.  Pete came on Wednesday with a new spark plug cap, but then the spark plug fell to pieces in his hands...  So today he brought a new spark plug and the mower started!

So, this afternoon I mowed the lawn...

Newly cut lawn hasn't looked this good for a long time!

I also did another hour and a half on the potager and planted some carrot seeds.  I also put some in a deep pot at the back of the house.  Hopefully all of them will come up and I can have carrot and raspberry crumble with rhubarb on the side!  Oooh - I forgot - there will be potatoes too! (Hopefully). Something MUST come out of that potager other than bricks, tiles, rocks, weeds and broken bottles, surely!


Carol said...

It will, it will - produce more than bricks and weeds! Carrots never do very well in our garden but I've got a new deep bed so - fingers crossed!
What a beautiful view from your garden.
Hope you have a good weekend.
Carol xx

Annie said...

The garden is looking good Penny. Good luck with the carrots. Have a great weekend.
A x

Carolyn said...

My lawn needs mowing too, but there's nothing wrong with the mower. The problem is with the mower operator... I'm just not in the mood!

quilterliz said...

G'day Penny. Well done, your lawns look lovely. I never tried growing carrots and I don't know why not, as we eat a lot of them. I hope you get a great crop. Take care. Liz...