Friday, 8 June 2012

In the Words of Jane Austen...

Reader - I finished it!!!!!

Well, it's almost Austen...  the same sense of success, anyway.

Though I haven't blocked it yet, here is the finished shawl...

Finished shawl - unblocked

...and a close up of the lace edging,,,

Finished edging, close - unblocked

...which is finished with Paton's Cotton Top, a yarn I think is now obsolete, in a fetching shade of biscuit.  Nice, I think. (The biscuit, I mean).

I changed the instructions slightly, working an extra P row in the main colour, then doing one K row in the contrast and casting off loosely purlwise.


Carol said...

Well done! It is beautiful, what lovely yarn and design.
Carol xx

quilterliz said...

G'day Penny. Good on you. That is just lovely. I do love the colour and the edging looks great. Well done. What is the next project? Take care. Liz...

WoolnHook said...

I have passed the Liebster blog award to you! Visit me at to read all about it. Happy Blogging!
Leonie (WoolnHook)