Friday, 17 August 2012

Some Like it Hot

Me, I can take it, but not if I have to do any work!  This morning I had my breakfast orange-juice and coffee on the terrace-to-be under the shade of the parasol and finished off my crochet cushion front.  You could tell it was going to be hot...

View from my table

The sky was cerulean blue with barely a cloud...

Today's view

Everything was already pretty hot and I was surprised to see that my David Austen rose (I forget its name) had opened several buds, seeming to enjoy the heat!

David Austen rose

You can see how fierce the sun was from this picture of my bench area, which has deep shadows. I see the clematis has put out another flower - not sure how much that will enjoy the heat!

blue bench

It's going to be cooler tonight - about 25°C according to the mêteo - although even that is 77°F, so I will probably have to keep the fan on all night!

Right now I'm cooking my dinner - 2 small (you might say miniscule) tuna steaks and a courgette/tomato/puy lentil mixture - so it's a bit warm in the kitchen even with both doors and the window open!


marigold jam said...

That's when I am glad to be back in good old England as I didn't care for the heat at all! Hope you get some sleep tonight and not a thunderstorm if it's hot!

quilterliz said...

G'day Penny. Yes, it does look hot there. I am dreading summer coming. I really don't like the heat. I just wilt. Winter is officially nearly over. We still get a fair amount of rain and thunderstorms in Spring though. Have had a lot of rain overnight and this morning and now the sun is shining and it looks lovely. Hope it cools down for you soon. Take care. Liz...

Carol said...

Beautiful rose, that does look like intense heat in your photos.
Carol xx