Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Berets and Sunrises

I have FINALLY finished the Ishbel beret. It nearly finished me, making it - I had no trouble with the band (I like the folded-over technique) but after that...

...suffice it to say that the air was blue, I took it all back to the band on four occasions , and had an email conversation with Rebecca from Ysolda dot com and still was VERY TEMPTED to throw the whole thing in the bin!  But I don't like to be beaten and, although I never managed to finish a row with the same stitches that the pattern said, in the end I just winged it and made it up.

It is still in the blocking stage, and I think I may have just discovered the 'plate cover' - the 'dernier cri' in kitchenalia!

Ishbel beret, top 

Ishbel beret, underneath

The yarn is by Quince and is 75% wool and 25% silk.  A bit floppy maybe, but I'll have to see what it looks like on.


I took these pictures early this morning, when everything looked just beautiful with the sun coming up and the mists still hanging in the valleys...

Sun arise, she bring  in the morning...

spreading all the light all around

You can tell it's going to be another beautiful day!

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Babajeza said...

Beautiful beret. It's worth the fight! And isn't this the most beautiful saison of the year? I wish you more sunrises.