Sunday, 30 September 2012

Grassy Gretel

I do love this pattern - you may be able to tell...  This is the 4th or 5th one I've made and I've started on the next - which is red, and Christmassy.  This one (and it's not quite dry yet) is made with one ball of Rowan Felted Tweed (I had a little under 2 metres of yarn left over!) and a ball of the ICE baby alpaca.  The result is a grassy green that I like very much...

Grassy Gretel

Almost the same colour as the plate it's blocking on!

Grassy Gretel, back

The red one may not make it very far, as I have a feeling that the two yarns I am blending may, overall, turn out to be too thick.  I will know in a few rows time!

Today is sunny and warm and I was able to take the photos outside.  Wonderful for the last day of September and long may it continue!  I have all my doors and windows open.

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Babajeza said...

Im dying a pair of socks with walnuts. And the colour has turned out like your Gretel. Love your hat!