Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day Spinning

...and knitting, of course.

I finished a hank of some merino and wild silk fibre I've had for years.It was a pig to spin as the fibre was not well carded, with lots of slubby bits of wool that wouldn't draft out.  I ended up carding half of it all over again and spinning that alternately with the original stuff.  It was too slubby to ply with itself, so I used a blue sewing cotton.  Not sure if I put enough twist in the plying though...

Merino and wild silk slub 1

Merino and wild silk slub 2 the cotton is fairly loose around the yarn.  Anyway, there's quite a lot of it and I've still got some to spin, so I should be able to make something decent with it.

I've also started on those socks for my SIL though I couldn't find any black merino in my stash, so not sure he'll like the colour.  If not, well he'll have  to stay with his cold feet while cycling.

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quilterliz said...

G'day Penny. Love the colour of that wool. It looks great. Take care. Liz...