Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Day 2012

...and what am I doing?  Spinning of course!

I finished spinning this fibre at 6am this morning...

Fibre with silk

It looked like this on the bobbin...

Fibre with silk, on bobbin

...and like this in the hank, after plying...

Christmas Day yarn 1

Christmas Day yarn 2

It is annoying not to be able to get the proper colours.  The first was taken  in natural light and the second was taken in artificial light, using a Daylight bulb.  Neither is quite right - the pictures don't really capture the silk colour and lustre.

This is my best yarn to date and I think I will actually make something with this one!


Babajeza said...

It's gorgious! Have a nice day. Regula

Claire said...

Gorgeous colours......will look lovely made into something.

CLaire :}

Crafty in the Med said...

but still lovely colours Penny.....and having spun them yourself I should think you feel pretty good about your achievement.

Merry Christmas!

Amanda :-)

Debra in France said...

You are doing brilliantly! It looks fantastic Penny. I love the way that you take on new challenges and make a success of them. xxxx