Friday, 4 January 2013


No, I'm not going anywhere - (apart from a couple of days in Paris the week after next) -it's the colour of my latest beret.

For this one I plied together a sky-blue Shetland fibre and a creamy-white merino. I do love the combination - it reminds of Limousin summer skies...

forget-me-not hat

forget-me-not hat2

Sorry the pictures are not too great - it's hard to take photos indoors and the flash gives a rather harsh result.  I just couldn't wait for the daylight!

forget-me-not hat, detail

forget-me-not flower

this one too, is going on my Etsy site.


That's how I'm thinking of this pair of socks, for my SIL, Marcus.  He has size 11 feet! I'm thinking this will be his last pair...

So far I've only just finished the first one.

First Sock finished


Christy said...

It is a beautiful colour. And I'm into colour this year.


Judith said...

What a soft, pretty colour to wear - the mixing of the two colours is beautiful!

Clicky Needles said...

ooo big socks!

Heldasland said...

My brother has size 13 feet ,I knitted only one side, after the first i decided never to knit again,now i only crochet.Long socks can make or break you, it broke me.Good luck with other side.Please let me know if you make it.

tales from a handmade home said...

Lovely beret, beautifully spun yarn and I love the colour 'forget-me-not'.

I too know the frustration of knitting extra large have my sympathy. x

Ginx Craft said...

Love your forget-me-knot beret. I'm sure it will look lovely on.

Free Spirit Designs said...

I love the colour of your beret, so soft and very flattering to wear i imagine.

Your big sock is fantastic! Well done for persevering with such a mammoth footwear project :) I'm sure your SIL will love them x