Monday, 7 January 2013

Ice Cream?

Normally my tendency for naming my projects goes with a floral theme, but this hat reminded me so much of ice cream that I just had to call it Chocolate Raspberry. Yummy!

Choc rasp top view

When I had just spun this yarn, I didn't like it much.  But now I think it looks really good in a hat...

Choc rasp underside view

I usually add a little crochet flower with the hat, but I don't sew it on - just include enough thread for the buyer to do that themselves.  This is because I think maybe they would prefer to make it into a brooch and wear it on their coat to match the hat.

Choc rasp flower

Noro Sock and Cotton

A couple of days ago I found a ball of Noro Sock in my stash.  Now, if you have ever knitted with this yarn, you will know that is EVIL to use!  It twists and knots up all the time.  I think this is because it is spun as a single and not plied.  Plying 'balances' the yarn, which means that it doesn't twist back on itself (or at least not as much) and is therefore much more user-friendly.

So I got to thinking....  my yarn is much like the Noro sock before plying - so why not try plying the Noro and see what happens?  I used some mercerised cotton (which is lovely and silky) and this is what I got...

Noro sock and mercerised cotton 3

It looks good, has the colour variation of the Noro and the brilliance of the mercerised cotton.  I like it!  In a day or two you'll be able to see it completed as a hat!


knitnrun4sanity said...

Leaving the flower so the individual can decide what they wish to use it for is a great idea. It is touches like this that make handmade so special.

Babajeza said...

The hat looks beautiful. And what a terrific idea to make Noro userfriendly. I've never used it though ... Regula

Pearly Queen said...

Thank you knitnrun, it's nice to be appreciated...


Ali said...

Your hat is gorgeous and I love the addition of the flower. I am so impressed that you spin your own yarn, the colour is lovely. Thanks for sharing.
Ali x

moleymakes said...

Lovely beret Penny. I think adding a knitted or crochet flower is always add a nice finishing touch.

Looking forward to seeing what you make with your silky Noro. I quite like Noro. You never know quite how the colour changes will pan out :)

Your Friend Susie said...

I love the rich colors in the hat, and yes, chocolate raspberry is exactly right!

I know almost nothing about yarn, but my sister spins and she would know exactly what you're talking about. I need to show her your blog.

Pearly Queen said...

Hi Your Friend Susie

Nice to hear from you - thanks for the comment!


Wendy said...

Your beret is gorgeous - the colour works really well for it. Love the idea of the matching flower that can be worn on a coat.