Saturday, 23 March 2013

Snow Stops Play

Or rather - spinning!

I should have been at a Woolly Day today in Stoke Albany Leicestershire but, staying overnight in Kenilworth, I woke this morning to a heavy layer of snow everywhere and found that the Woolly Day had been cancelled as Stoke Albany was snowbound!  As it was still snowing fairly heavily and the forecast was for it to spread southwards, I thought I'd better hotfoot it back to London as quickly as possible!

When I arrived home the snow was falling persistently and it's still snowing thickly over 3 hours later!

snowfront garden 23 March 2013

Although the roads are still clear, it is settling on houses and grassy areas...

Snow on ranch houses 23 March 2013

As it gets colder, this evening, I'm sure it will get worse, so I'm glad I got back when I did!

I no longer think of snow as a 'Winter Wonderland'!

Handspun Creations

I have been busy over the past few weeks making some more berets and another Sand and Sea shawlette - all from my handspun yarn!

3 beret collage

Red_green shawlette Collage

If I want to keep spinning, I also have to keep knitting - to use up the yarn!

It would be nice to sell some things too, but the current weather is not conducive to standing behind a stall at a street market!


Babajeza said...

Spirng will be here in no time and then you can sell all your lovely berets and shwals. Hopefully. have a nice weekend. Regula

Elizabethd said...

I cannot imagine much worse than an outdoor market in this weather!
What a shame to miss your woolly day.

busybusybeejay said...

What a shame to miss your woolly day.Those berets are lovely.

Carol said...

Well when Spring has finally sprung you will have some reallylovely things to sell.
We got 6" of snow last weekend, past a joke now.
Carol xx