Sunday, 21 April 2013

Herne Hill Sunday Market

If I had to live in London on my meagre means, I would try and find somewhere in Herne Hill. It is really a vibrant community, with a large park and a Lido with swimming pool and gymnasium (and café) and a selection of small shops and cafés.

The sense of community is really strengthened by the Sunday Market, where I had a stall today, ably (and very kindly) assisted by the lovely Janet.

The market organisers provide the stall canopies and a table per person - two people sharing a stall (or one person paying a little bit more).  I shared my canopy with Jan, a local potter, who makes exquisite bowls, Yunomi cups and so forth...

Jan's Pottery

She was on the left and I was on the right...

Jan and Bunting 2

This is a closer view of my stall, although I fear you have seen it all before...

My Stall

It was a lovely day but with a chilly wind.  We were there at 8.0 am to set up and people drifted in to buy from about 9 onwards although, officially, the market is open from 10 - 4.

Up the street - early

Next-door neighbour

It soon got busy with people, bikes, pushchairs, everyone out to enjoy what is really only our second day of sun...

Later on

I did very well, and it was lovely having all the encouraging comments about my work.

Janet, a friend and neighbour, came with me for the whole day (thank you, thank you, thank you Janet) leaving her husband in bed feeling rather poorly - it's so nice having the support of friends.


busybusybeejay said...

Did you make all the things on your stall?I am very impressed and would have loved a closer look.

Pearly Queen said...

Hi Beejay
Yes, I make everything myself. Just can't stop knitting and crocheting! But I live alone, in an isolated cottage, with no TV which makes a difference!


Judith said...

I also would love a little peek at what you had on your table - glad the day was a successful one ... J

Chris said...


I really would have liked to have come to the market and see you and your work.. I would have bought one of your shawls, they always look so pretty, plus some of your other craft work.
Glad you had customers, well done
What a super neighbour to help you.
If you plan to do another one please let me know
Chris x

Babajeza said...

I'm glad to hear the market was successful. It looks rather chilly but at least you had sunshine an nice company. Have a good week. Regula

quilterliz said...

G'day Penny.
Wow, you have been busy. What a fabulous stall. I am glad you did well. You deserve it. Take care. Liz...x

Clicky Needles said...

Really pleased it went well. :-)